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Sunflower cold pressed oil Why choose "Ecotival" cold pressed oils?

High level of quality and full flavor is what describes our 100% pure cold pressed oils and it is accompanied with powerful beneficial effects on health for every consumer. In our production raw inputs are processed without any additives. We pride ourselves the most with treating every customer and partner with the utmost respect and sincerest commitment!

Ecovital List of health food shops where you can find "Ecovital" products

Here you can see a list of retailers (health food shops) stocked with "Ecovital" products and find the one nearest you. Details about a particular shop you can see by clicking its name.

Beogradski sajam 10. ETHNIC FOOD AND DRINK FAIR

25-28. November 2015. Belgrade fair
The largest traditional product manufacturer show, intended for the markets of Serbia and Southeast Europe Region. "Ecovital" will be attending this fair. We will present our wide range of products.

Sunflower cold pressed oil "YES" to fats

It is very important to differentiate good and bad fats in a diet. Useful fats are unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are omega-3 and omega-6, essential fatty acids for a human body, that it can not generate on its own. This is the reason they have to be a part of our diet. Cold pressed oils are rich in essential fatty acids, and that is just one reason out of many why our oils are highly reccomended for everyday use.

Sunflower cold pressed oil Regulations on quality and other demands for edible vegetable oils...

(“Sl. list SCG”, br. 23/2006 i “Sl. glasnik RS”, br. 43/2013 – dr. pravilnik)
Regulations and demands on quality and declaring for edible vegetable and other oils (Writen in Serbian). Every consumer should be informed while making the decision which product (brand) to choose and why.