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"Ecovital" - Founded in 2009.

Aroma zid

"Ecovital" is a family business based in Bikić Do, a village in the municipality of the nearby town Šid. We produce 100% pure, cold pressed oils, natural flour and spreads from oil plants. Raw materials are processed completely naturally, without any heat treatment, chemical aids or preservatives. Our oils are marketed as 100% pure cold pressed oils, which indicates that we provide oils without impurities, especially added oils, in the declared product. Pace of the production is a key aspect of our business, and this is vital in linseed oil production because of its natural instability and short shelf-life. That is why linseed cold pressed oil is produced monthly or every two months. Raw materials that we process come from Srem, Bačka and Banat fields: linseed, sunflower, hazelnut, mustard, pumpkin and walnut. We import only almond and sesame.